Video Tour and Location

Video Tour:

We are located at 100 – 35 Bloom Lane, Bedford, Nova Scotia in the Brookline Plaza, within the Bedford Parks Animal Hospital. We are a short, 15 minute drive from Dartmouth, Halifax and the Airport. With over 1000 square feet of space and only eight units, we ensure that your feline friend has lots of room to roam! Our suites are each at least 4’ x 8’ so your cats do not have to be restricted to a small kennel area when they board.

All of our suites are situated so that cats cannot be in contact, or see, any other animals. Each room has a personal Cat TV mounted on the wall for stimulation if desired. Each suite comes fully equipped with everything your cat needs to stay the night, or longer! We have chairs, shelves, hiding places, toys, scratching posts and much more. Everything that we use in each suite will be properly disinfected and cleaned between each guest. The large glass panel doors allow our staff to easily check on your cat without disturbing them if needed.

Our suites are large enough that they can easily accommodate multiple cats from the same household!

We use Feliway calming cat diffusers in each space, to help ease any anxiety your pet might have.

As we are conveniently located within a full service veterinary hospital, you can rest assured that should your cat require care, there is an experienced team only moments away.

Phone: 902-445-4551

100-35 Bloom Lane
Bedford, NS