Welcome to Parkside Cat Kennels where our goal is to provide a fear free feline boarding experience. We are located in The Parks of West Bedford within the Bedford Parks Animal Hospital at the corner of Larry Uteck and Brookline Drive in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

We have designed individual suites with only the best interest and comfort of your cat in mind. Our spacious suites are at least 4’ x 8’ in size each with a unique colour. Our space is completely private and your cat never has to see another animal.

We have maximized your cat’s ability to climb, scratch, jump, hide and remain stress free. By incorporating Cat Healthy guidelines and Fear Free practices we hope to create a positive experience at our facility. When your cat comes to stay with us they will have the whole suite to themselves with all the touches of home included!

Some features of our Suites include:

  • Cat TV in each suite
  • Multiple shelves and climbing structures
  • Chairs and cat beds
  • Large litterbox separated from their food
  • Supply of healthy wet and dry food
  • Scratching post
  • Cat toys
  • Heating and Air Conditioning within each suite
  • Love, attention and care from trained veterinary professionals